Delivery of 35m Dual Fuel LNG-Diesel Hybrid Hydrographic Survey Vessel

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We have delivered a 35m Dual Fuel LNG-Diesel Hybrid Hydrographic Survey Vessel to the Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore.

‘Mata Ikan’ is designed by SeaTech Solutions International (S) Pte Ltd and classed to Bureau Veritas | Marine & Offshore. The Wärtsilä main engines of the Next Generation Hydrographic Vessel (NGHV) is able to use both liquified natural gas (LNG) and conventional diesel as fuel. With its controllable pitch propellers, the vessel exceeded its contractual speed requirement of 15 knots @ 85% MCR and was also able to achieve an efficient survey speed of 5-6 knots.

To increase the vessel’s use of LNG as fuel, the vessel is equipped with twin shaft generators and an electric-driven pump jet. Solar panels installed on the top of the wheelhouse provides additional clean renewable energy for the vessel’s domestic electrical consumption.

The NGHV boasts state-of-the-art design features. Its hull form has been optimized to reduce resistance and improve seakeeping using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The design was further verified through model tests in Europe to ensure that the vessel meets the highest standards of efficiency and environmental sustainability. To further enhance the seakeeping of the vessel to improve survey results, the vessel has an effective roll damping system supplied by Hoppe Marine GmbH.

The vessel is equipped with a Lattice Pressure Vessel (LPV) for LNG storage. It is a ground-breaking free-form pressure tank specially designed to fit into the hull of the vessel thus reducing the space required to install a traditional C-type cylindrical tank. As a result, the vessel has a very generous interior space not seen on an equivalently sized LNG vessel.

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